I felt as if everything in this world was set up against me, and I realized my mission: break the broken rules. My intense curiosity leads me to understand things from a broader perspective. I started in the Information and Technology field with a bunch of colleagues. I've never liked the term "employees" and I always prefer talking about peers, mates, or colleagues. While working, I was thinking of a different approach to delivering software, and I embraced lean, agile, and scrum. This was in late 1998. Since then, my mantra has been: Break the broken rules and learn from mistakes. I made lots of mistakes, and I am still waiting for the next. During my life, I shifted from the idea of self-management as a practice to the idea self-management as a culture. I moved from the idea of a user-centered approach to a stakeholder centered approach and finding the real reason that resonates on working instead of finding the best technology to solve problems. Most of the time, I observed that things, as they flow, are creating a negative impact, so I inverted control. I tend to trust everybody, and I love the idea of co-creation. By doing this, at 20 or so years old, I was able to start taking care of impact management and started learning from mistakes and failures. I'm doing lots of training, mistakes, conferences and I love the continuous improvement. I abandoned powerpoint and started drawing every presentation myself.

Think of Software as a Force for Good, Using Teal and Agile

A teal organisation set its horizon by defining its higher purpose and describing why it exists. Individuals join the company because of the value it creates for the world, and work freely towards a specific purpose. A teal and agile company has a culture of complete openness, transparency and mutual trust; everyone should feel safe and encouraged to share ideas, and make mistakes, without fear.