I felt as if everything in this world was set up against me, and I realized my mission: break the broken rules. My intense curiosity leads me to understand things from a broader perspective. I started in the Information and Technology field with a bunch of colleagues. I've never liked the term "employees" and I always prefer talking about peers, mates, or colleagues. While working, I was thinking of a different approach to delivering software, and I embraced lean, agile, and scrum. This was in late 1998. Since then, my mantra has been: Break the broken rules and learn from mistakes. I made lots of mistakes, and I am still waiting for the next. During my life, I shifted from the idea of self-management as a practice to the idea self-management as a culture. I moved from the idea of a user-centered approach to a stakeholder centered approach and finding the real reason that resonates on working instead of finding the best technology to solve problems. Most of the time, I observed that things, as they flow, are creating a negative impact, so I inverted control. I tend to trust everybody, and I love the idea of co-creation. By doing this, at 20 or so years old, I was able to start taking care of impact management and started learning from mistakes and failures. I'm doing lots of training, mistakes, conferences and I love the continuous improvement. I abandoned powerpoint and started drawing every presentation myself.

Emergere dalla Vuca

Il mondo è contorniato di forze che lo formano e che siamo noi a dirigere. La Vuca è una di queste. Ci sono delle forze che umanizzano i momenti e che permottono all'uomo di entrare della sostanza per affrontare la volatilità e portare visione.

Existing and resisting!

And I believe that the etymological root of the word ‘exist’ derives from ‘Ex’ and ‘Sistere’ which implies *to stand firm*. While ‘resist’ has it’ s root in ‘Re’ *back* which conveys the idea of stopping with ‘Sistere’ *stopping*. Not yielding to the impact of other bodies, facing up to, contrasting.

How Archos are Tribe!

I'm fascinated by anthropology and I'm inspired by nature and tribes. Here is an interview with Roxanne Judith which has lived near the Achuar tribe in Ecuador. Meritocracy does not seem to be at the core of the Achuar. Here is an interview with @RoxanneJudith

Know-Why you work!

TL;DR Are we sure that focusing on know-how is good for people? Know-how is somehow helping people finding themselves. However, it is better when people know why they are living and the impact they are creating in their life and in others.

L'amour - EAEF Paris 2019

I see organizations as a platform where people can both develop or destroy themselves. But before talking about practices, I want to focus on who is really getting through the door (physically or virtually) of the organization.

Leaders for Peace - Rondine della Pace - Arezzo

The current situation is determined by current rules, some of which maybe were once valid, but no longer are today. These are rules that need to be changed and their very nature identifies them as broken. It's in the very nature of a living organism to be able to recognize which are the rules that no longer work and change them, instead of continuing to tolerate them.

TedX Mantova 2019

My slide at the TedX in Mantova. It was awesome to talk how you can find the real you within your corporate paradigm.

Mondora's Handbook

This is living document

In this handbook you will find useful information that will help you get started and guide you during your time with us. Please read this information carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear! As a Benefit Corporation the company intends to pursue the principles of equality, fraternity and legality, in order to favour an ecosystem between nature, humans \(especially in the personal sphere\), shareholders, stakeholders and, more generally, the local community and all the parts that are influenced by the company’s activities in any way. Special attention...