It has been a fantastic conference in the atmosphere of Paris.

The presentation

EAEF invited me to give a keynote on Friday talking about Amour and management practices.

I see organizations as a platform where people can both develop or destroy themselves. But before talking about practices, I want to focus on who is really getting through the door (physically or virtually) of the organization.

1/2 Ego-centered approach Ego

A person shows themselves with two primary behaviours:

  • the basic side of them, where there are their beliefs, way of living, etc.
  • The ego, where there is the predominant facet of a possible role or what do the company wants from them. It’s written in the hiring proposal, you will be there to be a [fill in the blanks].

1/4 Male oriented – Egomale

A person comes with their dynamic behaviours focused on EGO. Despite being part of everybody’s personality, the actual society hinders to show the feminine side. Every man has a feminine side and every woman has a masculine side. For instance, the female part can be a sharing and caring approach, where you act as the mother.

So, when a person is crossing the door, they are also losing the female aspect of their ego. That person is passing the door as an ego-centred male, which represents one-fourth of each of us.

1/16 Emotional, Spiritual, Intuitive and Rational side – Egomational

Finally, the rest of the person (Egomale) of the last one fourth is split into 4 parts:

  • The emotional side, which is generally forbidden to be expressed within the company. Is the person free to show how a contract is moving them? Can them say that if they sign that agreement it will make them cry? The answer is simply no to each and every emotional state. Emotions are forbidden within companies.
  • The Spiritual side is when a person wants to bring their religious consideration into account of a profession. They are not allowed to talk about religion and politics while working. Think, they cannot change the statements of an agreement - at least in the Western culture - with spiritual things. So religious is still forbidden as well.
  • The Intuition is when they want to make decisions driven by the guts. We are in the era of analytics, so it is profane to start asking for guts. If Henry Ford looked at analytics, the only thing he was ending up building was the fastest horse and not a car. Entrepreneurs are mostly driven by gut feelings, and most of them are impeding intuition to their peers. Intuition is avoided in corps.
  • The Rational side is when the person is considering a much more logical approach to things. Everything must be a consequence. Each question must have a prompt answer. This is pretty much accepted in all corporations.

In conclusion, the current culture is promoting a Rational, Egocentric Male culture; which is 1 sixteenth of the entire person that is walking through the company door.

An organization should work much more on all these aspects, which are rationally lost. Happiness is a status which balances all these aspects of each person inside the company team.