At the Leaders for Peace meeting at Rondine della Pace, I spoke about how to discuss (interdependence for the planet.)

The presentation

Breaking rules that are broken.

Lately this has been my mantra: “I must break the rules that are broken”. The current situation is determined by current rules, some of which maybe were once valid, but no longer are today. These are rules that need to be changed and their very nature identifies them as broken. It’s in the very nature of a living organism to be able to recognize which are the rules that no longer work and change them, instead of continuing to tolerate them.

The list of broken rules:

  • Someone wants to be cunning during a purchase seen as we all know and live in the same world;
  • There is no discount because there is only a difference in value for the parties involved.

The relationship with the procurement office.

Every person who works in sales ends up negotiating the price of their service or product with the procurement office. The procurement office is responsible for harmonizing purchases and understanding the “true value” of a supply. There are two different points of view when valuing a supply:

  • that of the supplier
  • that of the buyer

The first broken rule that I wish to point out is that “one or the other is being cunning”. It is necessary to break this rule and start believing that NEITHER is in fact trying to be cunning and that the value they give to the supply is seen from their respective points of view.

So there is an actual difference in which both parties can concentrate and where they can search for the true value of the supply.

The true value.

Why do both parties work together? What is the real reason? Their different perceptions tell us this. How would it be if both parties bet on the difference in value as if it were something that can have an impact on society and the world/planet? How would it be if the weaker party (the one who has the lower valuation) were the one to measure up to the bet? How would it be if both said:

With this supply I wish to build a small world in my (piccolo parco utenti) that is happier

The weaker subject wants to measure happiness while the stronger subject wants to “demonstrate” happiness. It’s as if the idea of a simple supply becomes a pretext for making the parties happier.

Therefore the supplier shouldn’t charge the price before a procurement negotiation, and the procurement should negotiate for some good reasons like “the peace in the World.”

Today it is possible to find mechanisms in which the true value may emerge. There are different frameworks that can help. For example SDG, ESG or the assessment of BLAB can be elements from which it is possible to find true value.

Some examples

-NoMorePrinting: I have encouraged several clients to make their users aware of the fact that prints cause trees to be cut down. Let’s consider the trees that have not been cut down; -HappyCorp: I have pushed some suppliers, through increased reward, to take care of their colleagues’ happiness. -Cycle2Work: make your users pedal to the workplace.